3 is a magic number!

Ducklips giving the thumbs up to baby no. 3!

Well we’ve got a big year coming up. L and I are not ones to shy away from challenging situations but we’ve completely outdone ourselves this time.

We’ve kick-started 2017 with a complete remodel of the downstairs of our home, converting our Civil Partnership to a Marriage on our 10 year anniversary in an all-singing, all-dancing wedding next month, having an extension built, our familymoon in April and all while riding the roller coaster of life with our very bossy two year old, G force, whose favourite word is no and the ‘always eating – but never sleeping’,  one year old we call ducklips. And breathe! So just when I think it couldn’t get any more crazy I’ve only gone and gotten L to agree on trying for baby no. 3!! Woo hoo!!!!

You may think that I must’ve just kept nagging and nagging until she would do anything to shut me up. Yes! That is my normal tactic. However, with this she is probably a bit more excited than I am mainly as she “doesn’t do” night shifts when it comes to the kids. An agreement we made early on in our parenting journey for the sake of our relationship. L is the type of person who likes what she likes and can’t be arsed with anything else in between. Her no nonsense attitude attracted me to her but it also annoys me now when I’m trying to get her involved with social gatherings or any extra curricular activity taking her out of her cosy home where she may have to interact with another human being. If she doesn’t want to do something she simply wont. I call her the gruffalo and she quite openly admits she is happy being miserable but when she has to see to the kids in the night her misery levels fly off the chart and even my Patty Simcox chirpy (L says annoying) personality with rainbows, marshmallows and movie scene daydreaming cannot suppress it. So for a good 9 months she’s set for a good sleep and that’s probably what she’s banking on.

So faster than Usain Bolt on speed, the clinic appointment was booked to discuss our treatment options. A quick reaction was essential before L can back out as we are currently experiencing less than satisfactory sleep levels with a poorly baby suffering with a stinking cold which is creeping it’s way round our house.

Waiting for the appointments to come round normally feels like ages but with work, the girls and numerous spreadsheets finalising every minute detail of our wedding – I’m sure it will be here before I know it. Third time round I’m feeling pretty prepared for what is to come with ‘making baby no.3’ and especially for the stupid/awkward/thoughtless questions.

“Is it L’s turn to have the next baby?” Has hell frozen over?!! Not only does the thought of her having a tiny human growing inside of her seem like an alien concept I can not physically or emotionally cope with L in a pregnant state. I don’t even think she would manage to be happy being miserable if she were pregnant.

“Will the next one look like you or L?” (Eye roll) Probably L you absolute moron.

“Will it be the same dad?” (WTF face) Erm no. Our children have two mummies and zero dad’s but we will be using the same sperm donor.

One thought on “3 is a magic number!

  1. I love reading your “which one is mummy?” saga – it makes me smile, laugh out loud , get emotional and look forward to the next chapter – it would make a lovely publication for others to see how your solid relationship has evolved with humour , dedication and love – keep going!!

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