L will go mad at me telling everyone about how much of a soppy git she is-it’ll totally ruin her tough girl image and strip some cool stripes off her, but I dont care. I like sharing the story and reminiscing about the day L proposed to me. I loved that day so much. Partly because I wasn’t expecting it so it came as such a surprise as she’s rubbish at keeping secrets but also because she made it one of the most magical moments we have shared together.

It was like one of those stories she mocks me for as she thinks I have ideals of fairytale grandeur to live my life by but really I’m just a girl who has dreamt about being swept off her feet and made to feel like a princess – and that’s what she did. And I’m lucky as she keeps doing it every now and again. I’m sure I will be less than complimentary about her when I get in from work and she’s not tidied up properly, or thrown out the latest dirty nappy, or brushed the kids hair reminding me that fairytales are hard work but for now she can have the glory as it’s well deserved.

We’ve been in a civil partnership now for 9 years and it was me that proposed to L at her 30th birthday and being completely honest I’m not 100% sure I had set out to do it. There wasn’t a plan or ring for that matter but in the moment it just felt right and she said yes and we became civil partners a few months later. It sounds pretty dull doesn’t it!

Anyway since the law changed for us to be able to marry we had chatted about it from time to time but really it just seemed like a pipe dream. There’s always something else to spend your money on and we are not the type of people who like to do things by halves. It’s all or nothing with us. So I was over the moon when L did propose.

We were on holiday in Western Australia where we were visiting family for L’s cousins wedding. It was my birthday and we had planned to go out for breakfast. I was eating breakfast like a ravenous pig as Ducklips was only 3 months old and feeding about 8 times a day and L wasn’t over indulging at all and that is so not like her. She even seemed sheepish looking back but no wonder, poor thing! It takes a lot to put her off her food.

After breakfast we went for a walk along the beach to go dolphin spotting. Both the restaurant and the beach were special to us as we had been there with our family a few years earlier and treasured those memories and we had been so excited to be going back on this trip. It was just a lovely simple moment. Think beautiful sandy beach, bright blue shimmering ocean and bright sunshine like a movie scene and we were chatting and laughing and enjoying being with each other without either G force hanging off L’s leg or Ducklips hanging off my boob! And then out of nowhere there was a ring and the words ‘Will you marry me?’ Eh? What’s she talking about? What’s going on?  The clogs were turning but I was still dazed and even speechless!  Imagine that!! I think I laughed and of course I said yes but was more saying ‘how on earth did you get this past me’?! We cried super happy joyous tears and cuddled and laughed and I was still confused, but on cloud 9. L had made me feel so special in that moment because she had planned every detail but most of all because the hard work was keeping it a secret. Surprises are the best however big or small.  That was one of the moments I would like to pause and keep coming back to.

And the day got better returning to our family’s house where we were welcomed with champagne and big cheesey grins. Turns out they were all in on the secret too! What an amazing day it was. L had also got me this cute little notebook for me to start planning the wedding. She knows I’m like Monica from Friends and would want to get onto it straight away!

As soon as we got back to the UK we got the date confirmed (so she can’t back out now!) It’s all booked for our 10th anniversary to convert our Civil Partnership to a marriage with an all singing all dancing event. Mind you if L keeps referring to it as ‘the party’ she might not make it to the wedding.  I’m turning only a little bit bridezilla…So far! I mean I did buy two dresses. Thank god I got rid of the first one though as I was a bit unsure so decided to show L and she said it was chavvy and so not what she could see me in. Supposedly it was too fancy and mainstream! Gulp. Let’s hope she likes the second one.

All of the preparations are in full swing and I’ve now truly submerged myself into the world of wedding planning and once again the Lesbian ideal for me has let me down. You’d think two girls, wow! We could be looking at colour swatches and mood boards together but NO! Not only that, she said she couldn’t care less about the thickness of the ribbon for the favours. Seriously when she said that I looked at her with eyes that could’ve burnt her soul. How can she not care! The next few months could really test our relationship!!! Ha ha!!!

This weekend is in fact our joint hen do. Really that’s code for an excuse to get a group of friends together to eat, drink and be merry. For L and I (and I’m sure others) it is our respite for dealing with our toddler and baby through the worst sickness bug (SHITFEST 2016) that has hit our household.  We are tired and cranky from cleaning up sick/poo and not sleeping. This weekend we will probably have hardly any sleep and be cleaning up sick (if i’m not sick from over indulging I will be most disappointed) but at least it will be our own and be well earnt after a few dodgy shots the party organiser has enforced! I’m sure she also has a few other tricks up her sleeve knowing her. It’s kind of payback for her hen do in Ibiza a few years back!! Bring it on-let the celebrations commenced!!!


2 thoughts on “The Proposal!

  1. Gets more amazing. Funnier, touching, and wonderful with every word, love love love it and you four !, xxx keep going. It is a page turner xxxxx


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