Apart from one little false alarm at 37 weeks and an overnight stay in hospital baby no. 2 was well behaved and waited for their birthday. We had the choice of the Thursday or Friday and we chose the Thursday as that’s the day our babies are born. It was also the same date just 18 months apart from the arrival of G force so will hopefully make it easier to remember when we are old and delirious!

Since we knew we had the section booked it meant we were super excited about the whole birth and it took away any uncertainty of what was going to happen. We both hoped it would be the great experience that we really wanted it to be with memories we could treasure and be happy when we remember it.

It was an early start for us and for our poor friends where we dropped G force at the crack of dawn then headed off to the hospital. We were shown to our bed where we had to wait for a few hours until it was our turn. I’m proper hungry by this point as I’ve been nil by mouth for about 8 hours so far and I’m used to at least one in-the-night snack this far into the pregnancy and there of course was L bleating on about how hungry she was and could she get a cup of tea. It’s not the first time she has been like this. There’s no shame to this girl she has previous. I was having a minor op a few years ago and was also nil by mouth. L was hungover as she had been out with her mates the night before,  I had to drive myself to the hospital for the op and she just sat there feeling all sorry for herself. She would’ve got in the bed if she could of! We were in a private hospital that time with a menu for visitors and they brought her a nice fresh prawn mayo sandwich, bag of Crisps and a cup of tea. She even had the cheek to ask the nurse if she could watch the footie on the telly. Seriously I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Anyway she got herself a cuppa which was a relief to me so I wouldn’t have her whinging on. She then had to get her clothes ready for theatre and there was a right hoo haa about the shoes they had given her. Honestly she does make me laugh but I’m not sure I’m selling her as the ideal birthing partner or life partner for that matter!

We met the surgeon prior to the delivery and my initial thoughts are she’s got small hands and looks neat so she will do a good job with the stitches!! This is the sort of thing on my mind as knowing there would be a scar was bothering me a bit. L now calls it the baby envelope. Cute eh? The name not the scar.

We walked along to the theatre with L pushing the cot for our baby (she had enough energy to do so since she’d had her cuppa!) and then it all began. We met the theatre staff who were all amazing and very chatty putting us both at ease. They started with the spinal block and I remember the radio was on in the background playing Charlie Puth ‘Marvin Gaye’. We both clocked it and smiled. It was just such a nice relaxing environment it didn’t feel real and everytime we hear that song it’s a nice reminder of that day. Thing is with a planned section you can’t quite believe that you are going to hold your baby in a matter of minutes.  It’s all a bit surreal. Then L brings me back to reality with her witty comments as always. It’s at that moment when my legs are just starting to feel numb and I’m saying that it’s starting to work and L whispers in my ear ‘do you feel like Lieutenant Dan?’ Eeh I nearly ended my days. I probably wet myself and didn’t feel it I was laughing so much! She cracks me up always finding the funny in the serious. (It’s a character in Forest Gump if you’ve not heard of them)

Baby no.2 was born at 12:11. Just like that they were here. I remember seeing their skinny little legs dangling in the air and them crying. Such a relief they were here safe and well. But what did we have? A girl. Wow! Another girl. Perfect. We were both crying and so happy and enjoying every minute of this moment. We were making happy memories. We also had a girls name sorted from around 30 weeks and we didn’t have a boys one so that was quite fortunate. We call her duck lips….its self explanatory.

L went off to do her bits cutting the cord and getting some pictures. Ah they’re so beautiful. It’s amazing we could capture those very early moments. Then there were more wardrobe issues as we didn’t know what we were having so went for gender neutral clothing. This cute little sleep suit with a yellow lion hat but when our baby had the hat on it just looked dirty yellow and not cute fresh yellow! Eeh the things you think of. So I’m telling L to change the hat as it looks awful and the anaesthetist is agreeing with me! Thankfully they had an adorable plain white knitted one we could switch it with. Can’t be having wardrobe malfunctions at 7 minutes old can we?


And it was pretty much as simple as that. They were still doing their bits and bobs on me and there was a moment when I thought I was going to puke but they sorted that out quickly. L said ‘wow if it’s this easy we should have 3!’ All while I’m still lying with myself open in theatre! Nutter!! I laughed a nervous laugh but secretly I was thinking the same.

We were then wheeled off to recovery where I could have my first skin to skin contact with my little baby. It was amazing. It really couldn’t have been any more perfect. Baby was happy, L was happy and I was on cloud 9. I could feed our baby straight away and she latched immediately. Honestly  if carlsberg did birth plans….

After some time in recovery we were taken back to the ward and there I was holding our little girl and feeling so proud. I was beaming from ear to ear. I was also starving. Proper hank!! Thankfully my hunter gatherer sourced me some edible delights and ordered me a pizza later!!

I soaked up every single second of it just being us as you know you’ll never get it back. It was precious and everything I had envisaged having a baby would be. Proper cheesy movie type moments and they were all mine to now cherish.

The next heart wrenching moment was when G force met ducklips the following day. She was only 18 months old so I’m sure she didn’t really know what was happening. We followed all the advice though, we had gifts for her from the baby and I made sure I had fed her before she arrived so I wasn’t holding her and could devote all my attention to the G force. Her little smile lit up the room as she ran to me. It was like eating warm porridge and your belly being all cosy. Lush! Then we showed G force her baby sister and she smiled for a bit, we got the mandatory picture to treasure forever, then she demanded she be let back down to do what she wanted to do! And this was the start of our new normal.



I was secretly happy I had another night in hospital just to sit and sniff and cuddle ducklips and get to know her. There was no rushing to get out and get home. Second time round you have that opportunity and knowledge to make things happen the way you want them to and just know what you want and how you want things to be. Geepers if there is a 3rd time I’m going to have mastered my birth plan to a tee and maybe I will sort some champagne in there somewhere!!



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