The big 4-0!

FB_IMG_1470946375763The last few weeks have been mad busy and I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. I’ve been preparing for L’s 40th and baby W (who I’ve not even introduced to which one is mummy?) turning 1.

Yep L is getting old! I keep reminding her of this and she is far from impressed. Especially since I still have several years left to go in the 30s. (I smile smugly)! She said she should be driving a Porsche by now and enjoying the finer things in life. Supposedly changing nappies, dealing with baby and toddler sleep routines and swapping your bmw for a family car is not how she envisaged entering her 40th year. To make it worse there’s me keen to have a third child but L is not on board at all! I have began a ‘behind the scenes’ campaign which mainly involves me tapping into her sub – conscious and convincing her that three is the magic number. So far no success so I thought to numb the pain or distract her for a while from the stresses of our young family life I would make her birthday one to remember-that she would have a blast and realise life’s not too bad,  that we can still do fun things with little kids and she will be so overwhelmed about her birthday that she may soften on the third child campaign….

So its something I’ve been planning for months. I’d be up during night feeds coming up with little ideas and buying decorations. I love a good project to get stuck in to and once I’ve started a spreadsheet you know there’s no stopping me. I don’t know if it’s a girl thing or if it’s just my ocd kicking in but I love thoughtful gifts and events and seeing other people happy gives me a real buzz. I really thrive on it. It works both ways though and certainly a bonus of being in an all female relationship we both tend to go above and beyond the bottle of perfume and garage bought flowers for gifts and L is just as amazing at making me feel special and appreciated.

L’s birthday began with a treasure hunt with silly clues dotted all around the house for her to locate her presents. She loves presents and is always a bit cheeky about knowing what she is getting. One year I got her a trip to Bruges but on the day there wasn’t much to open just some flowers and chocolates and I put a scratchcard in her card. She says that was her worse birthday. She was like a spoilt little brat and although I kept saying we were going away she was upset as she didn’t have much to open. I was gobsmacked.  What a cheeky cow! She wouldn’t have been upset if she’d won the £500,000 would she?

So this time I couldn’t get it wrong I had planned 40 presents for 40 years. There was a giant box with loads of gifts in it. I’m not rockafellar or anything so lots of them were tiny little things but there were a handful of key prizes. This was also her first birthday without her lovely Mammy so I bought her a few gifts that her mam would have chosen for her so she could continue to live on in our home. There was also a potato ricer as her mashed potato was s@#t!, a shooting experience as she has an odd obsession with guns, gifts from the girls and a cheeky weekend away to Edinburgh to see the Tattoo.  So they were the gifts that kept giving. Not only presents but child free moments too where we could let our hair down and have a laugh not being mammy and mummy but being Katy and L.

Just when she was absolutely overwhelmed by her giant box of goodies I gave her my hard drive and she plugged it in the telly. There was a video which consisted of a montage of clips from her nearest and dearest. I asked them all to send me something so she could have it as a keepsake. The clips varied from a bog standard birthday message to leotard routines, guitar playing, fancy dress, people dancing in their pants and other looney clips which had her laughing her head off. It was actually 53 minutes of so much love and affection it had me in tears. The hard work was paying off. Surely the campaign was on the up.

Then there was the party. L’s favourite place on earth is the Grand Canyon and she loves all that western theme stuff so I created a Wild West Theme party. Now L hates fancy dress but by me putting Wild West on the invite everyone took it on theirselves to come in fancy dress….oops!


The decor was so much fun creating. We had haybales for seating and gingham cloths for the tables along with western style food and signs throughout the garden and to top it off….The piece de resistance….a Bucking bronco! When she first heard there was going to be a bull and people were going to be timed riding it she said ‘eh? A bull! Oh man Katy am I going to have to lie on the grass and everyone jumps on me?’ Geepers I don’t know what sort of party she is used to going to!!! Anyway the bull was a great hit with the majority of people having a go and even getting quite competitive (you know who you are!).

There was also a cake, lots of drinks, a bit of vomit and the evening ended with a camp fire in the garden where L fell asleep on a hay bale. Mission accomplished. L had a ball and it was certainly a birthday to remember. My work here was done but yet the campaign still continues.


And little baby W had a very low key party even for her first ever birthday in comparison with a bbq and a giant no 1 cake! Thank goodness at this age they are so easily pleased. I have no idea where the last year has gone. Just flown over second time round. Total 2nd child syndrome though as I still haven’t even started her baby book or sent her an email (we created an account for both of the kids to send them a birthday email or other major life event stuff as I read somewhere somebody did it and thought it was a cool idea and you give them the log in when they are older). I’m a suckered for mementos and keepsakes. So I do have some catching up to do. Poor kid didn’t even get many presents either as her older sister has so much. If we did end up having a third we would probably forget they were even there or that it was their birthday!!


So that’s where we are at. Hopefully more blogs this week when things have calmed down but for now its time to consume some of the many bottles of champagne left from L’s birthday gifts around the fire pit. Plus a change of tactics….get her drunk, get her to commit and then she can’t go back on it…..The campaign continues.


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